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5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Break (Especially the Moms)

take a break from work
To Stay on Focus... If you want to make sure you'll get to the goal you're aiming, you should know when to stop and take a break. Sometimes, overworking is the reason that most people are ending not to get what they want. Your mind and body gets tired and works slower and slower when you don't
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Freelancing 101: Clients vs. Agencies

Are you not happy with your current client or agency? Do you need help to decide which one works for you? This article should guide you to choose which path you should pursue based on your own capacity and willingness. You probably have a good guess about the pros and cons of both options of "Working
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5 Top Legit Sites to Find Freelance Jobs

Legit Sites to Find Freelance Jobs
Whether you've been a freelancer for a long time now or totally a newbie, it's always a big plus to know where to find legit jobs that will really pay you. So, when you are ready to handle more jobs or change career, you can always put your resume on these legit sites so potential

Why Discipline & Communication Is Essential When Raising Kids

parenting 101
I can speak to myself about how important these two factors are that you have to implement on how you raise your kids. There are things that I can never brag about because I never experienced it, but I know it’s worth to share to all parents and maybe people who are planning to have

Special Yummy Pansit Canton and Bihon Recipe!

pancit canton bihon
My own style of "Special Yummy Pansit Canton and Bihon!"   One of the most popular noodles in the Philippines. It's none other than — "pansit". It was introduced to the Filipinos by the Chinese-Filipino settlers. And the term pancit is derived from the Hokkien pian i sit which literally means "convenient food." It is so popular that there are so many variations

5 Easy and Affordable Back-to-School Recipes!

Easy Back-to-School Recipes
Anyone can do these Recipes! The summer heat is almost over and it comes June, with many students having trouble with cooking as they have no time nor money to do so! In this segment, I'll show you five recipes that are easy as pie and cheap to buy!   Bistek The "Pinoy Beef Bistek" is a classic and

Tagaytay: How to Get Here Using Airbnb

coffee in tagaytay philippines
It’s vacation time again, and it is the season where families and friends look for a place to visit and spend their #summergoals! Well, there is no reason for you guys to travel far because you can spend your summer in an, exceptionally cold and scenic place! Some of the sites which you may want

What You Can Learn with SMART Driving School?

driving lesson
Getting a driver’s license in the Philippines is not a requirement for you to graduate from school. Unlike in other foreign countries, it’s part of their school curriculum. So, most people who are driving in the Philippines are the ones who came from a wealthy family who have a lot of cars or can afford to
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Why Hire A Virtual Assistant from the Philippines?

virtual assistant
The Philippines is a very small country compared to foreign countries. But you will always hear news about their people, the Filipinos in being part of the top talented people in different industries. Not only in beauty pageants, singing contests, but also in businesses and providing their services overseas as an “OFW” (Overseas Filipino Workers).
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Tips on How to Get Clients In ‘Upwork’

upwork odesk logo
I saw that a lot of Filipinos, including my friends and family, are asking how to work from home and where do I find jobs. A few years ago I am only familiar with ‘Odesk’ which is now known as ‘‘. I’ve been using this platform ever since I started working from home. And now,